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Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Statement


At Car Shops Limited we’re clear that we have a duty to take a definitive and robust approach to preventing all acts which may be considered as slavery; including, but not confined to, forced and compulsory labour, child labour and human trafficking.

Addressing this challenging issue and meeting the best practice according to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we are absolutely committed to defining and implementing appropriate policies and procedures, to prevent all forms of slavery throughout our business, corporate activities and supply chains.

Organisational Structure and Supply Chains

We currently operate throughout the United Kingdom; locations include: Cardiff, Doncaster, Leighton Buzzard, Manchester, Northampton, Norwich, Sheffield, Swindon, Wakefield and Warrington.

This statement covers, but is not confined to, all the stated locations and any potential additional locations, alongside all the activities of Car Shops Limited. Responsibility of the organisation’s anti-slavery initiatives can be defined as the below:

  • Policies: Ultimate responsibility for defining and implementing policies and procedures lies with the CarShop People Team. The team will ensure that everything implemented acts in accordance with current legislation, across all sites and in relation to all colleagues.
  • Risk Assessments: The People Team is also responsible for human rights and modern slavery risk analysis.
  • Investigations/due diligence: The People Team holds responsibility for appointing an investigating manager in relation to known or suspected instances of slavery and human trafficking.

Relevant Policies

  • Whistleblowing Policy: We welcome and actively encourage all colleagues, at all levels, to be open and honest. That’s because we recognise that the most effective manner of dealing with concerns, risks or malpractice is through honest, open and transparent communication. This policy aims to provide colleagues with guidance on how to raise concerns, alongside defining the process the company will take once a disclosure has been made. Because it applies to all colleagues, all colleagues are expected to familiarise themselves with its provisions.
  • It is a fundamental policy of Car Shops Limited to conduct business with honesty and integrity and in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, equality and fair dealing. We appreciate the key role that our Colleagues play in maintaining high standards and ensuring as a business that we are compliant in all aspects of regulations set forth by the UK Government.


Because we’re committed to appropriately educating and developing our people, every member of the People Team is required to complete training on modern slavery; this covers:

  • Initial steps to be taken if slavery or human trafficking is expected
  • Steps to escalate potential slavery or human trafficking issues to relevant parties within the company
  • External help available e.g. the Modern Slavery Helpline, Gang-masters Licensing Authority and “Stronger Together” initiative

Due Diligence

As a result of a slavery and human trafficking business risk assessment, aimed at identifying and mitigating risk, we’ve taken the following actions:

  • Developed and implemented training to our Management Teams to identify, assess mitigate and report specifically on modern slavery
  • Developed, defined and communicated our Modern Slavery Policy to all colleagues, and those we conduct business with
  • Ensured that our confidential colleague reporting line is clearly promoted in all CarShop sites

We’re dedicated to continually seeking to identify and manage any potential risks associated with modern slavery, that’s why we’ve endeavoured to put appropriate safeguards in place. These have been designed to ensure that, as far as reasonably practicable, working practices of all colleagues and those we work with also have a similar zero tolerance policy to modern slavery.

Fiona Cottle
Fiona Cottle
People Director